Information on cookies

This page describes how ERYTECH Pharma is using cookies when you are visiting its website. Every cookie that is used during your visit on our website will solely be used accordingly to the terms provided herein. Those terms are subject to modification by ERYTECH Pharma at any time simply by updating this page. A cookie is a bit of electronic information that a website transfers to a visitor’s computer to identify specific information about such visitor’s visits to a website. It allows the website to remember the visitor’s previous visits in order to optimize its browsing and to display adequate information such as the previously chosen language.

Refusing use of cookies

You can choose to accept cookies. Most of the web browser accept cookies by default but you can manually change the settings in the preference menu of your browser. This may reduce or prevent you from using certain functionality of the website.

List of the cookies we use

Persistent cookies for personalization of user’s interface

pll_language : choice of language (Expiration : 1 year)