Immune response based therapies

Immunotherapy is an exciting development in cancer treatment. The basis for cancer immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology, is treatments that use body's own immune system to help fight cancer. Newer types of immune treatments such as monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, immune checkpoint inhibitors, cellular immunotherapy and adoptive cell transfer are now being studied and continuous efforts are being made throughout the industry to make immunotherapy approaches safer and more effective.

Erytech's ERYMMUNE leverages red blood celles as a natural targeted delivery system of antigens to activate a specific and powerful immune response against cancer.

In preclinical research, we have demonstrated that encapsulated tumor antigens can be targeted to key organs, such as the spleen, in order to induce an immune response, and result in sustained activation of the immune system with tumor regression. We are advancing to develop new generation of product with different types of antigens, and test co-encapsulation with adjuvants.