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ERYMMUNE Tumor antigens TBD  

ERYMMUNE is a preclinical development program exploring the use of our proprietary ERYCAPS platform to encapsulate tumor antigens within red blood cells as an innovative approach to cancer immunotherapy. Based on our preclinical research, we believe that encapsulated tumor antigens can be targeted to the spleen, in order to induce an immune response, resulting in sustained activation of the body’s immune system to fight cancers.

In preclinical studies with three different antigens loaded in red blood cells, we have observed promising proof-of-concept data in three different tumor models. We observed significantly increased antigen-specific CD8+ T-cell responses and delays in tumor growth when the encapsulated antigens were injected in mice with tumors, as compared to the injection of the unloaded antigens alone.

We continue to incubate the ERYMMUNE platform and proof-of-principle studies are ongoing.