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ERYMMUNE Tumor antigens TBD  

The fundamental principle of cancer immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology, is based on harnessing the patient's own immune system to fight cancer. Monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, immune checkpoint inhibitors, cellular immunotherapy and adoptive cell transfer are used in clinical practice or being actively developed by the biopharmaceutical industry. Despite important progress over the past decade, some needs remain unmet as it relates to safety and efficacy of these approaches. It is expected that significant investments will continue to be made in the foreseeable future to perfect anti-cancer immunotherapies.

Erytech's ERYMMUNE represents a novel and highly differentiated approach to cancer immunotherapy. We are leveraging the natural homing of red blood cells in the body to direct antigens to the immune system to elicit a specific and strong anti-cancer immune response.

In preclinical models, we have demonstrated that tumor antigens encapsulated in red blood cells using our proprietary ERYCAPS technology can be targeted to relevant immune sites such as the spleen to induce a sustained immune response associated with tumor regression.