ERYCAPS Technology Platform

Our ERYCAPS platform technology uses red blood cells to more effectively deliver therapeutics compounds. The red blood cells are subjected to osmotic stress, which opens and reseals pores on the surface of the cells and allows the compounds to enter and be trapped inside the cells. Encapsulation offers a number of benefits as compared to free-form compounds.

The red blood cell membrane protects the therapeutic substance, which allows it to remain in the body longer and should lead to fewer administration and a lower overall dose. The cellular membrane also protects the body against the direct toxicity of the drug substance, which can result in a decreased incidence of allergic reactions and other side effects. The combination of prolonged activity and reduced toxicity is particularly beneficial for the administration of certain therapeutic enzymes, that often have short half-lives and are associated with important toxicities. Examples hereof are enzymes such as asparaginase and methioninase, used to starve tumors by affecting the cancer metabolism, and certain enzymes used outside oncology in metabolic diseases.

By modifying the membrane of the red blood cell after encapsulation, the ERYCAPS technology can also be used for targeted delivery of compounds to immune cells in the spleen, liver and bone marrow, with applications in immune-oncology and tolerance induction.

The figure below illustrates the versatility of the ERYCAPS technology and provides examples of the different ways ERYTECH leveraging its ERYCAPS platform to develop innovative product candidates targeting markets with high unmet medical needs.