Product Candidate / Program Drug substance Indication Discovery Pre-clinical Phase I Phase II Phase III / Pivotal
ERYMMUNE Tumor antigens Oncology  

ERYTECH is developing a novel vaccine immunotherapy using red blood cells as a natural delivery system of antigens to APC (Antigen Presenting Cells) localized in the spleen to strongly activate a specific immune response against cancer.

ERYMMUNE platform is part of a new generation of breakthrough delivery systems with a high leverage effect to encompass the unsatisfactory efficacy and the safety issues still facing with conventional vaccine therapy and new immunotherapy approaches.

ERYMMUNE platform address these key technical challenges for, a specific delivery of antigens to APC, a reinforcement of specific immune response and, a sustained destruction of tumor cells. “Co-delivery” of antigens and adjuvants thanks to ERYMMUNE platform should be an innovative and unique system to efficiently boost the immune response with limited side effects.