Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

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eryaspase (GRASPA® (1)) Asparaginase



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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) is a blood cancer affecting the lymphoid progenitor cells. ALL patients have excess cells derived from the lymphoid lineage, such as lymphoblasts, B-cells, T-cells, and natural killer cells. Some mutations in bone marrow progenitors have been directly linked to the development of ALL, although the exact molecular alteration responsible for the disease is often unknown. In general, the development of ALL is difficult to anticipate and few major risk factors are known.

Erytech has completed three clinical trials in Europe in which 100 patients with ALL have been treated with GRASPA, including a multi-center, open-label Phase 2/3 pivotal trial in 80 children and adults with relapsed or refractory ALL in which we evaluated the safety and efficacy of GRASPA compared to freeform L-asparaginase derived from the bacteria E. coli, also known as native L-asparaginase.